Lineage Poems from 2016, the camps.

Releasing the Earth Trout, poems for my Dad.  He returned to the unseen in 2002. These for him.

I was the featured poet at Sacred Grounds Cafe in San Francisco Dec 5, 2012.  The poems I read are in the collection above called Sacred Grounds.  Here is YouTube video of my reading:

Ken reading “Renaissance”, “The Solstice Tree”, “Death Watch”, “The Shrinking”, “The Whirlwind”, “First Poem To Spring”, “Mercy”, and “Bumpte’s Last Jam”

Alan Acacia [Elerding to old friends] at Ken’s feature reading Ken’s poems
“Liberation” and “Robert MacNamara In Heaven”

Martin Marshall at Ken’s feature reading Ken’s “Mambo Girl
book cover”, “I Have Dreams Of Beauty” and “Plum Wine”